About Henwil Retail


Henwil Chickens’ aim is to provide a range of chicken products that meets the needs of our customers. We are increasing value through our Henwil Retail Outlets by adding groceries and various other products to the baskets of our customers. During challenging economic conditions, we always aim to provide quality products at a reasonable price to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The Henwil Chickens Team is energetic and remains focused on the Vision and Mission. Integrated with our diverse range of products, Henwil Chickens can spoil nearly every business when anyone is buying protein-based products.

Where are our stores located ?


HenwilChickens is the producer of poultry and poultry products just outside Lichtenburg,  North–West, currently licensed  to slaughter 65,000 chickens per shift.  The company was established in 2002.