About Henwil Abattoir

competitive business

Henwil Chickens, as it is known today, started off in 2002 and was then licenced to slaughter 15,000 broilers per day. During 2009, with the financial assistance of the shareholders, capacity was increased to 60 000 broilers per single shift.

During 2008 Henwil Chickens also erected a new cold store that created an additional freezing capacity for 900 tons. This extension made it possible for Henwil Chickens to become a competitive business, albeit a relatively small player in the market. Henwil Chickens was no longer a simple chicken producer, but a company that valued the consumer’s needs and created millions of memorable meals daily. This was achieved by producing quality products at a reasonable price. Henwil Chickens’ cliental now include retailers, independent wholesalers and the mining industry. Henwil Chickens also produces a variety of dealer-owned brands for selected wholesalers. Henwil Chickens is also the proud producer of quality products to the Henwil Retail Outlets. During 2019 expansions and upgrades to the abattoir not only allows us to slaughter 110 000 chickens per day but hosts one of the most modern and flexible facilities.

not simply a chicken producer

Henwil Chickens is not simply a chicken producer, but a company that has placed the consumer at the heart of its business  – creating  millions  of memorable  meal occasions  every week.

Although  Henwil Chickens  clients  include  local  retailers  and  independent  wholesalers,  their  niche  market  is the food services sector. . It also produces a variety of dealer-owned brands for a number of wholesalers.

Food safety and high quality is non-negotiable and it is therefore evident in its use of the world’s leading processing  technologies  to produce  top-class  frozen  chicken  products,  aimed  at giving  consumers  a much more rewarding meal experience.


HenwilChickens is the producer of poultry and poultry products just outside Lichtenburg,  North–West, currently licensed  to slaughter 65,000 chickens per shift.  The company was established in 2002.