About Henwil Feeds

The Best Feed in South Africa

Henwil Feed Mill, a Division of Henwil Chickens, started off during July 2013 on the premises of Malgasfontein near Coligny. The monthly production capacity is 4200 s of Broiler Feed and is manufactured in accordance to International Nutrient Standards for Broilers. Feed production and the delivery thereof is being overseen by a full complement for three shifts and include Managers, Operators and Drivers. Feed is being supplied to Henwil Chickens’ Shareholders only. Appointed Nutritionists are responsible for feed formulations to meet the ever-changing genetics of the different breeds of birds.

A Veterinarian and a Technical Advisor is responsible to oversee that the health and growth of the chickens meet the required standards. Feed tests and Laboratory analysis are regularly conducted to ensure the best quality of feed is produced. The product range consists of a Crumbed Pre-Starter, Pellet Starter, Pellet Grower, Pellet Finisher and -Post-Finisher

Types of Feed


HenwilChickens is the producer of poultry and poultry products just outside Lichtenburg,  North–West, currently licensed  to slaughter 65,000 chickens per shift.  The company was established in 2002.