Henwil was established in 2002 as an abattoir. The 13 chicken farmers who were dependent on the abattoir bought the facilities and became stakeholders in the company. During 2019 expansions and upgrades to the abattoir allow the company to now slaughter 130 000 chickens per day. Henwil hosts one of the most modern and flexible facilities in South Africa.

Henwil Chickens (Pty) Ltd now owns:

  • A fleet of 40 vehicles, including refrigerated trucks, live bird trucks and bulk feed tankers.
  • A new feed mill with sufficient capacity to meet the Henwil growers demands.
  • Two stores located in Lichtenburg and Mahikeng that sells about 14% of the abattoir’s production. These stores also offers fresh vegetables, grocery items, meat products and takeaway meals. Henwil’s Retail stores are immensely valuable for building the Henwil brand and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Food safety and high quality is non-negotiable and it is therefore evident in its use of the world’s leading processing technologies to produce top-class fresh and frozen chicken products, aimed at giving consumers a much more rewarding meal experience Henwil also contributes to the wellbeing and sustainability of the industry by being an agile business, a caring employer and a responsible corporate citizen.


The vision of Henwil Chickens is to be efficient, environmentally conscious, a integrated and responsible producer of quality poultry products that builds strategic partners.


Sustainability and innovation are central to our customer focused and people centred business, driven by continuous improvement and passion.

Future proofing by way of continued expansion and strategic partnerships are key to ensure continued profitability.

Our Core Values Are

To Leave a Legacy

Be Different

Display Drive

Goal Driven

Being Humble

Show Passion

Why Choose Henwil?

Quality Matters

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to know that chicken quality is tender and juicy and that is what you can expect from Henwil Chickens

Smart Logistics

The aim and purpose of the Henwil Chickens Fleet is to service the delivery needs of the Henwil Chicken’s Divisions including customers and retail outlets.

Free Delivery

To your doorstep – Free, Fast and Reliable – Delivered to our Valued Customers with our Extended Range of Refrigerated Fleet of Reefers

Seasoned Team

Competent, Reliable, Innovative and Energetic. These are the main characteristics of the Team that drives Henwil Chickens.

Recipe of The Day

Traditional Chicken Ala King

The all-time, creamy, delicious favorite that’s quick and easy to prepare!

Serves 4
Cook 30 mins
Prep 10 mins



HenwilChickens is the producer of poultry and poultry products just outside Lichtenburg,  North–West, currently licensed  to slaughter 65,000 chickens per shift.  The company was established in 2002.