Meet our Farmers

Day old chicks

Henwil Chickens receives its day-old chicks from National Chicks and Eagles Pride since 2002, but lately includes Quantum and Opti Chicks and it is mainly to reduce the risk attached to use only one supplier. Our focus is on quality and to have access to the best possible day old broiler chicks.

Broiler Houses

Our Broiler chickens in total confinement systems are farmed in large broiler houses. Broiler Houses sizes vary, but a typical new house is 150 metres long and 15 metres wide and can contain in around 40,000 chickens. The larger houses can hold up to 60,000 broiler chickens. There may be between 3 and 10 broiler houses on one farm. A typical new intensive system holds approximately 320,000 chickens, with eight houses each holding approximately 40,000 chickens . The purpose of our bird houses is to provide chickens with a healthy and comfortable environment that’s clean, dry and secure.

Placing of chicks

Broiler chicks undergo a stressful time from the moment of hatch up to their placement on the farm. That final moment of putting them in the house, also demands special skills and that is why are farmers are so successful. Knowledge is just as important.

In a specialized and fast paced production environment like the poultry industry, teams are very necessary, especially in a process where quite a number of people are required to perform their important segment of the overall operation. This is carried out with the utmost efficiency, correct timing and not forgetting their dedication to the welfare of the day old chicks.

This is a critical aspect in the production chain and ensures quality performances house after house, site after site. Here consistency is the key. With the correct production planning, our farmers are able to place 2 to 3 houses daily, each of 40,000 chicks. This depends on, how long after placing the chicks in the brooding area, are they going to spend there with the chicks. This of course depends on:

The chick quality,

Transportation time

Flock age: chicks from young flocks requiring more attention. External weather conditions matter to a certain extent.

Every member needs to be a proven stockman/stockwoman. Women in general, tend to have the maternal instinct and show more signs of care and attention to the well-being of the young chicks than their male counterparts. However, the key is to select the best consistent performers who have a desire to do this specific work and also to keep them motivated by their team leader and site managers.

Live weight at slaughter

Our average live weight of a broiler chickens at slaughter is 1,8 kg. Broilers are often sent to the abattoir at about 35 days old.


HenwilChickens is the producer of poultry and poultry products just outside Lichtenburg,  North–West, currently licensed  to slaughter 60,000 chickens per shift.  The company was established in 2002.